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My life

Apr 12, 2020

I am a messy girl because I am very lazy. I buy every thing I like though it isn't necessary. When garment have new pattern, I buy it instant. Money seems not extremely important with me. For my pleasant spirit, I live in independent life. I alway suppose that work is real imperative. All initiative are wonderful with me if I create them. I hate to become a nuisance so I avoid to make multiple fault. Opposite that, I want to do in exact way although in narrow room. I will not awkward and do work in a smooth period. Even though my work is smooth but my room is not. It is verydisgusting. I am silly when I decide to paint the wall by purple. At that moment, I think it must be marvelous and light alway full. But square room not like I think. It so dark. And difficult to measure. I try to use physical of my hand to draw difficult prepositions in the wall but not blur. 

# Katherine Hillary

#hope receive your opinion

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