Quốc Nguyễn ĐìnhQuốc Nguyễn Đình

My life assumption and philosoply.

Apr 12, 2020

As you know, everyone in this life has a dream. There are big dreams, there are small dreams even tiny dreams,... People who don't have any dreams can not be called "people" now that they look as though they were machines. Dream can bring about a great deal of motivation for us to accomplish our object. For instance, Ho Chi Minh, the genious VietNamese president who assisted the Vienamese to escape from colonial domination( cái này không biết có chắc không :))) , abolished the colonialism, led the vietnamese winning the war, had devoted his youth to figuring out the efficient way to liberate the Nation which was virtually impossible at that time. You see provided we have dream, we have desire we will accomplish our target by any ways. But dream is not enough to push you to get your goal, without your efforts and patience, you can't succeed. If dream is the motivation, your efforts and your patience is the tool to open out the success door.People don't assess you via how big your dream are, right? they assess you throught your abilities demonstrated via your efforts and patience. If you really aspire after something,you really desire to get something, let try your best,dedicate yourshelf to get it. Some people used to say " let try your best, don't give up, every minute that you are on the road leading to your success is the happiness" That is also my philosophy in life. Every single minute that I can do what i really like to do, i can figure out the reason to live because we were borned to do what we love, to follow our interests. we posessed our own life so we can do anything providing it doesn't affect on the others, right? we can't run on studying, working, collocating the handout, compromising others, abiding by the regulations, doing what others authorize us to do.Life does't correspond to do like that. Life is the place to discovery, to enjoy and to do what we love, to accomplish our dream, to chirsh our hope. If you can, apply to do the voluntear works in remote areas like catering them or give them opportunity to work at the corporation(of course, you must have enought abilities to do it :))), or you can collaborate or cooperate with the others to draw up to get your goal, get over the recent agendas, or deliberate to resign a job to travell around the world. These can be very terrible to you? On the contrary, it will compensate you for many experiences in the life, coordinate with many others conditons to facilitate your life better. 

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