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My love - my life

Apr 12, 2020

Last night, I came a party in the rooftop of a high building. Looking extensively that It’s a spectacular place and I met a lot my old friends there. 

A person with her excellent look was astonished me. I can’t believe that is Thuy. She was a bookworm and didn’t care about herself, especially her look. Her height is equivalent me but she was so gorgeous last night. In my individual opinion, she had a extraordinary appeal

Then a thing that I was unexpectedly happening, my ex appeared that made me so awkward and I felt into a passive situation. We were in love 2 years ago and I thought it would be a long-term love. But suddenly he was missing without a message. I completely collapsed as a enormous rock pressed against me. I thought he like a immoral thief stolen my heart and there was only one tremendous hole left in my chest. Then I realized a evident truth that It will be dark in the evening and will be bright in the morning. So I decided to forget everything about him and moved on.

I came back with normal life, I met a more pertinent man. He is not alike my ex. He’s always willing to do essential things to demonstrate his love with me immediately in a enthusiastic way.

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