Nấm MarucoNấm Maruco

My memory

Apr 12, 2020

In 2016, I was a personnel for a cosmetic company. I was a beginner because I had never work in this sector before. The supervisor designated me to work in a perfume shop. I felt a little bit apprehensive because I didn’t know anything. I had to joy a course training about perfume. A first lesson, I was so nervous when I saw handouts of the course, it was too much and made me felt a little panic. Then a adorable girl appeared and she was a trainer for us. She looked so reliable. My anxiety had gone after I was teached by her. She was very vivid but also witty in the way of her teaching. My senses improved when I was exposed with many different scents. It made my spirit better and I gave up my conservative views about perfume. That’s my wisdom to work for this company. However, in our class, there is a bearded man who had a bad behavior that made the trainer upset. He was an adult but he acted like a child. An anger showed up on everyone’s face in class. He was very selfish, he didn’t understand that his actions seriously affected the class. Although everyone explained in a sensible way with him, he was still stubborn. He wasn’t wise!

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