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My mother

Apr 12, 2020

My mother is a person has many culinary experience. She alway thổi bừng sức sống for our house by appetite meals with flavor make me forever remember when I taste. With simple ingredients in refrigerator when she busy , thì từ stove also tỏa ra mùi hương khó cưỡng. She usually makes barbecue parties at weekend. Nào là rib grill, steak, sheep roast, and so on. With that meals are beer for my father and beverage for me, it's great when we drink it with water has freezed. I often stress so my mother mix-up many fruit to make wonderful mixture for me ❤. And every morning after uses the kettle to đun water for my father, she make toast for breakfast for me. In order to , she very like flowers còn dính steam trên đó to make it become the sample to draw. It seems is the spice extremely salty of her life. 

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