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My new house

Apr 12, 2020

For work's convinient, I transfer to new house in outskirts. I use truck to packing my furniture and interrior. I begin my cruise to my new house in the early morning. In path, many vehicle are moving so traffic jam happens. There are many crowd passenger hike in pavement. When the traffic signal return green, vehicle begin run. I use brake to make my car run slowly and lower windshield to give the staff road fare. Finnaly I reach my new home. I drive car into garage in tunnel and take my trunk. Then I cross old railroad and track trains moving. In the south, ferry come back bring citizen return home. Port start crowd and vans are driving to loading package. Sailors tired after trip are hiking in the harbor. I tight my belt and walk to the platform, it seems just have a conflict so an ambulance park at there. Police walk down the helicopter and give their license to conduct duty. I feel this position is complicated. Maybe, every week I must have a flight to come back home.

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