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My outing

Apr 12, 2020

Last week,I with my family went to Đà Lạt . We booked a apartment  not expensive. We were amazing there beatiful!!. It Have 4 rooms ,balcony and lobby , there got a small cottage i like it. My bedroom had pillow, blanket,sheet, closet, and my furniture . And i surpriesed of the ceiling it  color blue that's my favorite . And do you know my wall painted brick ...  hmm i think it's not suitable . And restroom had: a mirror,towel, faucet,... over balcony  had a bench , one more in the yard it same... and a living room had a grey curtain , sofa, tivi, table, and great thing: it's a carpet on the floor over room!!!,yeah!! My feet won't hurt again.... Finish visiting the room ,We went to some place to played and took some photos...

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