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My sister and her patron

Apr 12, 2020

This year my sister will go to universary. She want to become a politician. She studies comparative. But for her dream to go to a federal in USA so she study very hard. At first she must go to the Parliament and make a visa. Many people said that she was a potential student. Her hobby is read book about Viet Nam revolutions. She constitutes for herself a routine to do superlative targets at first to easy target. She reforms her bad behavior. A majority people is think that the minister is hold all powerful but in a democracy country this opinion is not true. My sister ' s patron has talked that she sufficient procedure to bring my sister to califonia to live with her ( the patron) and inherit her welfare  . But Daisy ( the patron) not mandatory my sister because Daisy want to respect her liberty. One day when a pedestrian send a petition to parliament to slander my sister chief in examination , Daisy very anger so she successive construct a mindmap about this person's weakness and finally the result is to my sister. 

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