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My weekend

Jul 05, 2020

Cứ mỗi sáng thứ 7, tớ lại bắt đầu công việc dọn dẹp my apartment, to get started with the restroom, tớ lau chùi mirror cho sáng bóng, đến nỗi có thể thấy đường bóng của tớ trên border của the mirror, the faucet is clearned also. 

The next is the bedroom, the closet has a lot of dirty clothes, pillow, carpet and bed sheet is being collected and bring to the laundry shop which is closed to my apartment. Napkin, towel, blanket, and curtain will be replaced by a fresh one. 

Lobby and balcony took me a few minutes because of it always looks clean. The hardest part is cleaning the yard, there have a few broken bricks inside, the wheelchair of my grandmother is laying down on the edge next to the bench. My yard was cover by the fence.

The structure of my apartment is quite simple, there are some spider network is raising on the ceiling. Most of my furniture was made of wood. They have valued property, we don't trash them even they are got broken. After cleaning my apartment, I will go to the cottage to enjoy my weekend.

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