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Apr 12, 2020

Nowadays, the tourism industry is developing very strong that makes Vietnam’s economy to a new level. So I decided to work for a large hotel in Hanoi with the supervisor position. Tomorrow, We’ll welcome an ambassador of England and his guards. My secretary sends the list that included the ambassador & the guards’s name for me & receptionist. I don’t forget to remind a few apprentices having to careful when accidentally meets the ambassador. The plumber checks the sinks of the VIP room. A courier comes to me and gives me an envelope, I opens it that’s an invitation of astronomy class. But I think I’ll join in when I retire, I’m too busy now. I go around and check everything again. At 9 a.m of the next day, a luxury car stops in front of the hall of the hotel. I straightens my collar to prepare welcome the ambassador. I see a soldier of the England army who go out first and open the door for the ambassador. They went into our hotel and the driver went away. After I set up everything done, I have a chance to talk with the soldier. He says he really loves the architecture of our hotel and then he tell me a few things about his life. He was always a volunteer to command campaigns rescuing slaves and refugees. That is a dangerous affairs so his body was full of wounds by bullets. He was also a sword collector, he was sell the most favorite sword he had to donate money for the Union charity of England. The chef comes to me and tell the lunch was ready for serving. Then I walk away to let he enjoys his lunch.

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