Trần Huyền TrangTrần Huyền Trang

Natural resources donated.

Apr 12, 2020

Vietnam is blessed with many beatiful landscape and various resource by nature. This is very respectable thing. For decades, our country has made use of it to develop and anymore. Reality, our country mas made full use of opening tourist resorts that are very fresh atmosphere. Many beatiful landscapes have entitled. The highest peak is our country with many beatiful landscapes UNESCO recognized. In addition, it helps abundant human resources have many job opporitunities.

 It can be said that geography( ical) position has brough Vietnam many oppourtunities, not create too big contrast with countries in the world, not left beneath


In the battle there were many wounded victims.

Shower generated many problems arise that were not anticipated. 

bounce: nảy lên ; tier: tầng ; bottom: đáy 

thorough: cẩn thận ; context: ngữ cảnh 

influx: sự chay vào ; allocate: cấp 

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