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New device

Apr 12, 2020

IIn a science contest, my group breakthrough a robot with average dimension. He names Tony. He is really a good device. Tony has artificial brain so he has emotions like everyone. In some circumstance he can alternative for people to do dangerous works. We upgrade and rectify his ankle so he can run approximate 100km/h. He assemble almost good character: friendly, humor, adorable,vv... We assume he is a good choice for everyone especially is the old. We hope that we will receive many the order, so we always update technique. In the past, we had a hard process so when we recall about that  time, we feel apparent we has work things very extraordinary. We ascertain that it is a latest device. His fame amplitude onover the world. He attained the best device trophy and gold medal. His system automatic analyse the danger and act. His highlight is uses recycle battery and compatible with many conditional weather. He confine waste electricity so we not explore defect. In other hand,he identify crime when it approach. If you buy him, you can see conducive and he will progress everyday. We hope we can transfer this robot for you in oneday.😉

# Katherine Hillary 🌱

#hope receive your opinion🌺

# thank you for your reading 💐 

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