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New environment

Apr 12, 2020

Next month, I become a evident student in Ly Thuong Kiet high school. In my individual, this is tremendous issue. I must change myself to not to astonish about new environment. But it is normal because all student alike me. We even equivalent about benefit. I have a essential appeal(book) so when I feel stress, I will read book. I buy myself a enormous book and I like do it. They looks so gorgeous. I thinks I prefer reading book to join in spectacular party. I can't enthusiastic when I hate that and I can feel awkward and passive. An immediate issue pertinent to me. I not like ordinary people. I want to do extraordinary thins and finish that an excellent way. But maybe it took me a long-term time. I will demonstrate. At that moment when you read my paragraph, let come-out a immoral person and collapse frighten. In extensive you should missing and come back to make suprise if you want 😉

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