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Apr 12, 2020

Today, I will tell for everyone know about my hometown.

My hometown has a lot buffalo, bug...There are handicraft village, rainforests, fresh nature, pleasant atmosphere and quite at night. 

Neighbours are very happy and friendly. They always help everyone  when someone is in trouble.

Customs became traditional. They love their home. Ready to protect, brave struggle.

I grow up in Ben Tre City. Although away from home, I always remember my hometown.

Currently, I can't rely on my parents. I must self-survival in the city. It is dangerous and risks but freedom and leisurely, I can explore architecture in the city as Nha Ring Harbour, Church, Shrine, Temple, Pagoga,....

I really feel satisfied about my life. Hardly I never complain about it.

It's very wonderful....

If you have permission, let's go to the city....It would be great!!!

#Range have in the city???? Yes or No??

#Hill has in Da Lát City??? Are you believe???

#Valley has in Phan Thiet??? 

#My life has any steep, it is never flat!!!

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