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No tittle 😁

Apr 12, 2020

I am a personnel in a corporation. Everyday I communicate with many people especial my colleagues so I understand  emotion of most people. Sometime when their nervous or panic spirit invade them,  they will have bad behavior such as stubborn or conservative. They not find other people that they fell reliable. Or even they couldn't control their anger. So I often give them widom decision avoid serious consequence. In other hand I tell them about my witty story ( not upset story) with purpose help them decrease anxiety. Such as about adorable cat is cut beard 😂😂😂 by a wise adult . Let's use your sensen to guess emotion's everyone . Beginner should be wisdom but not be a selfish or apprehensive  person . Somtime I use perfume to behave so sensible and vivid

# Katherine Hillary

# hope recieve your opinion 

# thank you for your reading

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