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Apr 12, 2020

Nowsaday, by many bad way, people destroy nature and make it polluted.They arise ideas to rob the value source. Reality, battles occur because this issue. They thorough create peak plans to entitle for their relationship. They even anticipate their site where they will be burried when they die. If you are a victim in battles, you will disappoint. In many context, the rich more and more develop because they are vested to exploited resources. Abundant trash can't discrease anymore. Highest goverment even bounce likes they astonish when they hear this issue. That's funny. I can see contrast in the atmosphere in country. Citizens day by day panic their landscape will disappear. In geography, beneath surface, there are various tier. Although people destroy nature so they are still allocate license to exploited. I think, next decade, the earth will be landslide just only by shower and influx the bottom of the earth. Now we must protecting the earth.

* idea lần này tệ quá mong mọi người bỏ qua 😅

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