Huế LêHuế Lê

Nothing is impossible

Apr 12, 2020

I was still lying on my bed but wake up by bright sun and my empty stomach. So I tried to drag myself downstairs head the kitchen and find instant food to eat. Suddenly one awesome mouse run across over my head. how awful, he ate all food in refrigerator, cut one huge hole on it and made the floor too dirty. I wonder why he could be able eat solid. Another mouse appeared, she tiptoe, came out from the toilet. She looked horrible with navy blue fur. Five little mice followed after her by line then. They look same but not different. Each little mouse chose a position to do morning exercise with many level from basic one to complicated. They did very gentle (gently). While mother mouse cooked soup with my pan. She added in extra nasty liquid. My endurance beyond limit. Interior of mine wanted to shout: go away. But I couldn't stand when see one happy family separate s,  So I let them in the blank room of my house. Now I know nothing isn't possible.

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