Thu HàThu Hà

Our Hobby!

Apr 12, 2020

After scholl, I often have a happy long time with my friends. Our hobby is play cricket,swim in summer, in untumn, we play basketball,sailing, chess,....I and my friends usually play football in field near gold court.Our team have 11 member, 1 captain,1 goalkeeper,4 coach and a lot of athlete.We do conform tournament so we usually have medal and sometime, we have trophy.Our trainer train we very good because they are trainer reputation.Every match, someone in my team have bruise,penalty and then we are lose.Leisure, my league purchase skateboard for surf in the beach, we are customer addicted shopping. Everyday, we usually go to the grocery purchase parachute, swimsuit,service recreation. Casual, we buy what else very expensive but we think it involve our life. In every occasion, we often listen to soundtrack.

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