Thùy DươngThùy Dương


Apr 12, 2020

I separate people character into 2 group. One group make we feel awesome(1). The others make we feel awful(2). Group 1 consist of gentle, bright... Group 2 consist of horrible, dirty, nasty... The rate I like group 2 is very below. When I come across a kind man, I feel my heart isn't empty. This love spill in the blank of heart. I am able to become different when some one make me reach to the limit. But a little people can do it. You must understand that is basic polite. In high level, you can do it. With my position- a navy, the more hard I do, the more honor I get. I extra self- help book in my shelves every month. I also add interior by solid such as rock, rubber... Are you same me? And do you possible to get up instant at midnight to do assignment? Maybe... 😉

# katherine hillary

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