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Refugees in Europe

Jul 05, 2020

Europe is facing the biggest migration which is ever seen before, most of the refugees were coming from the Mediterranean sea, they often work fro blue collar jobs for a living, someone become plumbers, guards, couriers, drivers. Another part of them works as apprentices, then they can work in another industry, such as architecture or astronomy, they can become receptionists, chefs, secretary, even working as a supervisor

After a few months, they bring positive effects on this land, the economy increased over 5% than the previous quarter, some campaign was created by the government, a lot of local citizens joined as volunteers, even the ambassador, he has joined for charity, a lot of affairs has been created after that.

From that day, Europe army has soldiers who were come from another country, they will back for their new home, they work hard like slaves, bullet and sword has been collected by collectors, unions were created. The government commands the leading of their city, then everybody retired with happiness.

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