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Shopping online.

Apr 12, 2020

Nowadays, people and society are developing very fast and technology is developing accordingly. Therefore, the needs of people are increasing. So people often shop online instead of they go chain to buy because it's convenient and not queue. Online shopping today is a lot of people interested in because it can afford everyone's needs and online shopping sites are gaining the trust of people such as shopee, lazada, tiki... They get the trust of people because their products are not fake, not second-hand often discounted. When choosing the finished goods, the seller of the package, packaging with logo, label, and shipping very carefully with low fees. 

So today people choose to shop online instead of going out buy. 


A lot of things instead of us dispose we can reuse( reusable).

The original taste of coca is very delicious. 

Nam is very cheeky when others criticize him. 

durable: lâu bền; machine-washable: có thể giặt máy

edible: có thể ăn được; Underwear: quần áo lót;

size: kích thước; mislead: gây hiểu lầm 

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