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Sports and Gaming

Apr 12, 2020

When I have the leisure, I always watch sport programs for recreation as Basketball, Cricket, especially Football tournament. I was addicted to the feeling of excitement when the players scored the goal, especially penaltyes that almost was too hard for goalkeepers. Park Hang Seo who is the coach of Vietnam football team, he helped them to build up reputation and received a lot of medal & trophy. Vietnamese football league is very proud of them. Athletes had to practice and training a lot on the field so they can avoid bruises. Sometimes they lose, the captain always console them and give them more power to play on another court. My another hobby is go to the beach and watch beautyful girls who wears sexy swimsuits and walks on the seashore. On the last occasion, I went to My Khe beach and trying every game there. I like services for the customer there, they’re so considerate. I was involved in a person who was surfing when I went sailing. The most expensive game is parachute flying, It’s so fun, you should try it. My brother who don’t like me, he likes Chess, he holds his skateboard all the time by his side and he can listen a soundtrack that like all day.

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