Nấm MarucoNấm Maruco

Start up

Apr 12, 2020

After a few years working, I found out my passion. That’s agency. So, I decided to start up with this sector. My career is beginning. Our duty right now is to hire staff. We promote our company & post information on the internet network to recruit. We get over 100 profiles from candidates. They apply through the internet or directly. The interview will take place from 8 a.m to 4 p.m at the headquarters office near the Biology factory - the place that has the largest tree storage in our countries and its function is to supply a large amount of oxygen for the city. We prepare contracts with best benefit and income for those who board with our and bring yield for my company. The salary will commensurate with the effort you spend on. Every 3 months, we will review to increase the wage for those who have the best results. Anyone has questions about earnings can contact with the HR department. Those who can contribute for my company for a long time will have pensions.

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