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Starting a business

Apr 12, 2020

Starting a business is extremely hard. You must have a great passion and effort for it. My uncle's career started with a factory that paid a low wage. Now he has succeeded in travel agency. His company is one of the few ones that showed strong earnings yield. His wife doesn't have to do anything because his income can afford to raise the whole family. The staff who have a long-term contract with his company have a lot of benefits such as getting a high salary and steady pension. His headquarters is recruiting so many people who have good profiles apply for their desired position. Some who are far away have to get on board of trains to get to the interview on time. However, not many are hired. I has worked for his company for 2 years. My duty is to promote and supply clients with good traveling services. I have a quite reliable network of information so this duty isn't too hard for me.

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