Nấm MarucoNấm Maruco


Apr 12, 2020

Today is Sunday so my family decides to go a shopping center. They decorated many balloons there because a barbershop is holding a golden scissors competition in the hall. The outlets here almost sells deluxe products and they always satisfy their consumers. We pass a jewelry shop where have earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc that looks very eye-catching. I am attracted by those things that I almost bumped into a bucket that contains full of water on the floor. I go inside a quite luxury clothing store, they sell items that made by wool including scarfs, blouses, cardigans, sweaters, gloves. They give me a catalog that is new collection in this season, and their promotion is if I purchase 1 product they will give me a handkerchief or a purse for free. That sound great! Their products almost are casual and never be outdated and I also need to refresh my wardrobe. We go to another stores to buy a sandal for son and a suit for my husband that is his costume for meetings. Then we go back home but it’s rain, I forgot my raincoat at home so I have to use my hood to avoid rain and run into a convenient grocery to buy a raincoat. We go back home quite late before we have dinner in Mc.Donald that is one of the world’s biggest fast food chains. Recently, I eat too much so I don’t dare stan on any scale. I think I have to vary my diet, because I look like a vase 🤣. I’m a panic when I see my son who holds a needle and a razor that I store very carefully. Oh my god! I run to him fast as much as I can and take these things back. Fortunatly, he hasn’t been hurt. Maybe my husband is repairing the tube in the bathroom so he can't pay attention to our son. Having a package sent for me that I almost forgot, I use a blade to open it and that it an original music disk that I love. It’s amazing. Now I can lay in my rubber cushion and listen that disk in the comfort in my room.

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