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Terrible Dream

Apr 12, 2020

I just wanted to stay away from civilization. So, I moved to an island in the middle of nowhere to be close to nature. It had a absolutely gorgeous scenery, surrounded by plenty of coconut trees🌴. This island looked like a sanctuary. It had a high mountain, majestic waterfalls, a beautiful lake, etc. There, I went fishing, sunbathed, and walked along the coastline all day. I felt like, oh, I'm in heaven!! And i called this island "Huyen's bay". But I got bored soon. So I decided to explore this island. I acted like I was visiting a wonder. I walked on the rough roads thinking, 'I'll be the first person who has explored this island'. As soon as I got to the foot of the mountain, I saw a huge cave. I walked in. It's pretty dark. And how surprisingly it seemed bigger than Son Doong cave! 'I'll need a map if I don't want to get lost', I thought and turned on my lighter. I kept walking and walking, under my feet were icy water holes. The cave led to a bamboo forest. There was no wildlife, of course, but there were a lot of giant spiders!!! They wanted to eat me. I tried to climb a cliff to save my life. One of the spiders catched me. I screamed loudly, "Ahhhhhh".


I woke up from that terrible dream. I was lying on my beloved beach. I relieved, "Oh, how lucky i am, that was just a dream.". And then, i couldn't stay there any longer. So, I went back to my house in Ha Noi. Unfortunately, I sold it before leaving. 

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