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Apr 12, 2020

Success never arrives to you, instead of that, you must find it by your efforts.Success isn't becoming wealthy mà là draw a picture beautifully, trả lời tốt một định nghĩa nào đó when your teacher inspect,reject and withhold yourself when someone tempts you with the bad things or tự mình đứng dậy when you're injured and hurt. To grab the success, must require yourself to have good habits. Verify what is good habits! Hãy divide your time hợp lí to handle the work well in order not to incur the những lời la mắng and sự coi thường của witness, it maybe influence to your soul. Ngoài thời gian làm việc, hãy dành thời gian reinforce nhứng kiến thức của mình trong công việc and tận dụng tất cả thời gian của bạn, don't be drag by những việc vô bổ mà throw out your time ( such as fold your megazines, turn off your phone,...). But don't spend all of your time to work, spend a little for release. If you don't, you'll be bored and want to find the way to escape the work. Sometimes accept your friend's invitation and follow them to eat and chat. To make the good relationship, rehearse all the circumstances to guide your behavior. 

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