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The barbecue

Apr 12, 2020

After not having an appetite because of the flu for a few days, I have a craving for barbecue when I saw some samples in the Internet. I ask my mother to make one. She graduated from culinary school so her skills are really good. She takes the ribs freezed in the refrigerator and boils the kettle on the stove. She tells me to buy some missing ingredients and spices. She thaws the meat with boiled water carefully in order to not get burned by steam. She also makes a mixture of salad and some slices of buttered toast. When I come back, she tells me to mix-up the meat with spices and her secret sauce. Finally, she roasts half of the meat in the oven and she grills the rest on a metal frame. I take beverages from the frigde and we start to taste the meat. The meat is a little bit salty but the flavor is really amazing. 

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