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The enjoy trip

Apr 12, 2020

Yesterday I went to Long Khanh city. I feel amusing about ancient land. My tour guide is a brilliant girl and a massive man. They flexible to introduce about antique in Long Khanh. Though they talk very lengthy and difficult to remember but I sypathy for them. This land is broad and silent but I think this is ideal accommodation. I feel fierce affection in my heart. My sharp spirit faintly love plain citizent at there. Although sometimes a terrible storm ruin this land but I have delight about the strong storm. After every rain, the sky shiny again. A plenty of cloud seems have a miracle. They beautiful to each detail. Each flock of birds flys according to straight and average 5 minutes has a flock. One of them have stripe wing. Maybe they can become delicious meal when they are captured. It's a pity

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