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The fashion show

Apr 12, 2020

Ngoc Trinh is a model with an enticing appearance and grace. She is famous for her tiny waist - just about 56. She was invited to a fashion show a month ago. That show left a memorable experience to her. The mogul invested loads of money to showcase one of the most famous collections. The catwalk was extremely vibrant and there were many celebrities coming to the show. In the dressing room, there were lots of clothing items draped on mannequins or hung on hangers like a velvet cloak fastened by a silk cord, a cane, a shirt with no sleeve and seam and a pair of tight trousers ripped at the knees. The models removed their dressing gowns and worn the collection on. The collection had many clothes made from wool and knitted carefully. Some were sewed strangely.  The fashion was successful and started a trend after a few days.  

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