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The fashion show of Ky Duyen.

Apr 12, 2020

Last Sunday, I went to watch the fashion show of Ky Duyen at the Foreign Trade University in Hanoi. From my home to Foreign Trade University about 7km, I arrived by taxi. When I got in the car, I forgot to fasten the seatbelt and the driver reminded me ^^. I arrived just in time, fortunately, I was given priority to sit in the VIP row, so I could watch it easier. Everyone was surprised when she stepped on stage because she stepped on the catwalk so vibrant and enticing with a grace appearance is a sleeveless cloak made of velvet fabric knitting a bit of wool, delicate seams, along with a waistline 56, she looks very much like a mogul. When the end of the fashion show of Ki Duyen, I toured a little bit of Foreign Trade University, I visited the showroom( showcase), there were a lot of special things like a mannequin, the cane, hanger... And then I went to visit some of the University, It was really beautiful. 

I was impressed by Ky Duyen's fashion show and the beauty of the Foreign Trade University, I will come back here if I have the opportunity. 


The trend for young people today is to eat ice cream in the winter. 

Items are draped with gold.

Nam's shirt was ripped so that he sewed very tightly.

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