Tam PhamTam Pham

The first step of human on Mars

Jul 05, 2020

Hello everyone, my name is X, let imagine we are living in 2067, where water is no longer cleaned for you to drink, it harms us, even how deep that you can dig in the ground, all of them was poisoned. You now can not brush your teeth. The earth is expired. So we have to expand our living environment on Mars.

All the high-level scientists were gathered around the design of an ark, we expect this ship can arrive us to Mars. A lot of scientists attend, much more than our expectation, even this is not an inconsiderate meeting, but it's not cancelable. The developing process of the Ark encourages all of us. Everyone understands they will not regret, they will not make the next generation disappointed, because they did the right thing to avoid human from extinction.

After 9 months of hard working, the Ark is completed, people are going to embark. They give a cheer to each other, they are so relaxed and excited. They respect scientists for creating a beautiful ship for them. They carry enough garments for a few days, due to each people has limited weight to brings on. The rest groceries have to bury on the ground which is never taken back (take back).

Finally, they are going to have a big impact on Mars, people have a big surprise, some of them were frightened because of Mars, it was not the same as what they've thought. They detect there are aliens were here before them, so they have to attack them for the new land. Woman babysit kids while men dive into the battlefield, they attach micro-chip in their head, to transfer signals to the commander. 

That is the first step of human on Mars.

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