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The robbery

Apr 12, 2020

My husband is shaveing his beard when I’m sewing my shirt but we still can’t stop to think about the robbery this morning. We really want to delete it out of our head. It’s so terrible. 

I and my husband decided to reserve a site  in a deluxe restaurant to have breakfast and enjoy our honeymoon. When I was stirring my cup of coffee suddenly 5 mans who wore face mask and point guns at everyone. I was so scared and spilled coffee on the floor. I felt cold all my body like someone adjusting air conditioner diseased 0 Celsius degree. They gave 2 option for everyone to select: dead or gave all money for them. Then they go around with guns to collect money from everyone. The beautiful things was decorated in this place, even skates collection of the owner that was damaged by them. My honeymoon also was spoilt. Looking at the way they controlled the robbery and the way they combined, I think this is not their first time. Poor the owner of restaurant! He was be out of sales money. After they taken all money, they get out of the restaurant and they intended to go to the opposite restaurant that competed with this restaurant. But the police covered the outside and they created a circle to arrest the bandits. The polices continued to chase the bandits to a bend that they catch up and defeated the bandits. Looking the face of them converted from aggressive to scare. They deserved it!

Defending people is mission of the police so they have to solve quickly in every circumstances.

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