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The story in Cambridge University

Apr 12, 2020

Mai, David and I were at Cambridge Academy together. Mai is a wise, wisdom. David is a sensible rational guy. And I am a stubborn, sometimes conservative, but also a little witty. Our behavior are different so there are a few different ways of thinking but the choice trusts each other. We are all good friends together. Then until one day, the panic, apprehensive in us people arose. We had an awful argument, because Mai had hidden us from something we should have known. I was nervous since Mai was unusual. David was anxiety as well. Who would have thought Mai would be such a selfish person. It does spirit hurt of us very vivid. This is quite serious. We are quite upset about this. One of our reliable friends went to tell the other team about the preparations for the school lesson. It made us anger. A friend who likes to work perfume personnel, with a adorable face, is now an adult we don't know. It is no longer a beginner's sense. It made David grow a beard

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