Phạm HuyPhạm Huy

Time up !!!!

Apr 12, 2020

A little proud of myself when I became a freshment of UTE, with a big dream to become an engineer. A new life in Thu Duc isn't easy with a 18 year-old student like me but a few months later, I got used to city's atmosphere. Punctual is the most challenging after a long rest, far from home that mean I have to do everythings myself like cooking, it isn't tasty but acceptable. So hmm! let's talk something about city's life, now we're progessing to industrialize, company everywhere, diferent from my hometown-this is our future. Unemployment is undenisable in HCM city, we have many choices for our future career: lawyer, architect, assistant,...etc. Not only that we can work part-time to have some experience like: accountant, designer, receptionist or salesperson and english is the most necessary "weapon" you have to have. Annual the employers and their employee come to UTE and another university to introduce about their company and have some schoolarships for students are offered. University isn't only way but It's the fastest way to success, so study hard you will recieve something deserve. It's time to responsibility with yourself, make sure you don't waste " 4 year " .

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