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Travel trip

Apr 12, 2020

There is a man who is walking down the street on the right. His name is Thanh. Thanh is an enthusiastic and excellent person. He is going to go to Ha Long Bay where is one of the places that the UNESCO's World Heritage Committee inscribed. He is astonished tremendously by the evidently gorgeous landscape. Thanh is awkward immediately when he looks around extensively Ha Long Bay. Unfortunately, he is stolen while Thanh focuses on sightseeing. He has lost his wallet and other items. The thief's action is immoral because of the profit of the individual. Thanh called the police with a normal voice about the thieves. He hopes the police give him a pertinent explanation about his case. This is essential at this time. Then, he is not excited to visit anywhere even though this place has an enormous appeal for him. Up to now, the police have owed Thanh an answer. When he is going to board to go home, he receives news from the police. The police demonstrate what happened in the inquiry and they give back Thanh's wallet. It is extraordinary!  Thanh is boarding to go HCMC. Therefore he recognizes the police's effort, the belief is collapsed. He and a stupid person are not alike. Thanh had a spectacular trip of his life. 

We need to be careful to avoid missing or stealing. Thanh's trip is a long-term experience for us. Don't act passively in equivalent situations.

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