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Treo trò trọng tài

Apr 12, 2020

My football team has been guided by a famous coach, he required us to make an effort to play in the tournament. Before the match was in rehearse (al), our team had been divided into 2 parts, each part consist of 11 people. In according to agreement between me and coach, I'm assigned to tempt and draw competitor's attention to me and other teammates would grab the ball. Unfortunately, a teammate has been seriously injured in a match recently and our coach suggest trọng tài to inspect the match, handle the problem if there was. While a teammate was hurted, trọng tài gave us an answer but our coach wasn't pleasant and rejected (didn't accept), throw out anything that they said. The competitor's behavior that follow, drag or hold my teammate had to be incured the commensurate penalty instead. After the influences was reinforced with a few witnesses,the league verify(ed) trọng tài will recieve a release and not able to whistle. Trọng tài couldn't escape from that consequences and habits that withhold the justice shouldn't be existed. The ban can't be fold.

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