Vinh TrầnVinh Trần

Variety of Vietnam Culture

Apr 12, 2020

Vietnam is a country located in Southeast Asia. There are coast surround, beautiful scenery, tall mountain, clean waterfall.

Forest is gorgeous. The island is very suitable for fishing. The cave is rough. Cliff is very suitable adventures.

Tourist come with Vietnam will be admired sanctuarys, Ha Lòng Bay, Hoan Kiem Lake (Ha Noi City)... That's great and memorable moments.

You can sunbathe on the beach, swimming, lie ơn the beach, etc...

Ha Long Bay is considered wonder of the world by the beauty it brings.

In the caves will be any spider, wildlife, bamboo and something surprisingly for tourists....Remember to bring the map or you will get lost.

#Is your place icy???

#My lighter is not mine???

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