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Viet Nam' education systems

Apr 12, 2020

As you know, Viet Nam's education systems is divided some levels, suitble for different ages. Of cours, there are also curriculums suitble for it. The levels comprise:

The first – Kindergarten where kids learn how to simply behave.

Next – Primary school starts at 6 yeas old until the end of ten years old. Students must study the following subjects: math, vietnamese, nature and society, science, …. Some aptitiude - subjects like Art, music, ...

Next – Secondary school starts at 11 years old until the end of fourteen years old. This is a comulsory level for people to have a cartain career. They must attend the following subjects:  mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, technology, history, georaphy, lirerature, language (English is a popular subject in the wold so it is often compulsory subject ), engineering…. In addition,  students must attend a compulsory class: vocational education 

And next – High chool, the level more high than secondary where they continue to study subjects which they have been finished in secondary shool; morover, they will heve to dress uniform like announce; if students want to enroll this school, they must pass an exam, called pass a graduation exam. 
And University, this is a important level. To start university, students must revise everything, do assignments a lot, they can't be absent in classes or term so much, they neither memorise nor cram for anything becauseof grade. These makes them be nervous, Some people dropout in a term before they get succeed

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