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VN - Trung tâm hoà giải xung đột quốc tế

Jul 05, 2020

As you might know, Kim Trọng Ân - KTA and Đỗ Nam Trung - DNT are going to have a historic meeting. They are going to throw out the dependent from nuclear weapons, and reinforce the relationship between two nations. Many people around the world are following. Some people draw both of them on Tshirt, then sell with high prices.

According to the report of American Ambassador, DNT will stay as the best hotel in Hanoi, which is required a high level of security, the protectors inspect at every corner, all activities of the hotel are verified (verify), new bookings are rejected, all staffs have to accept a contract that will not leak anything that they might see, or else they will incur any consequences.

Hotel staffs rehearse every day, managers guide each of them, to prevent mistake happens. They were divided into two groups, once handles the front, and the other handles the back. They get hurt and injured when training, but their efforts are worthy. They will have a release after the meeting.

KTA will grab a grab to go to the summit conference instead of driving his car, and his staffs drive bicycles in the front with a whistle, to withhold strangers to get closer to the president, this is a usual habit in Bình Nhưỡng. They say this way drags influence to the president, and they can escape easily when something occurs. 

The summit conference has folded with the greatest result ever. Bình Nhưỡng will release their nuclear weapons, the peace is once again in Bán đảo Triều Tiên.


- You might tempt your runaway dog inside with pieces of cheese.

- There is no witness to the accidents.

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