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What the job i will do next?

Apr 12, 2020

I’m jobless before finishing university. 

When i was a child about 10 -15 year olds, i had a dream is to become a clothing designer.

But my major at university is Marketing.

When i finished university, i need to find a job and build a career for myself. 

So, i needs to fill a lot of application forms.

, i need to prepare documents and arrange there in a file, for example: application, CV, picture,...and review some question that employer can ask in the interview.

After that, I attend some interviews to find a suitable company. 

I carefully think about my career: when get a job what i can learn from this job, what can i do for this company, i’m qualified to be reponsible for this job or not? .....

I get a job at start up company and am employed.

They need me to open bank account to receive salary each month, so i go to the bank, meet bank teller and tell her: i need to open a new account, plz. 

They supply me some tools for working: computer, file customer,....

First, i need to read carefully my contract of employment before sign this. 

Then, learning about what i need to do in our company. Secretary takes me around to introduce to accountant, experts, photographer, freelancer,...who i will often work with in the future.

Our customers are mostly: reporter, filmmaker, musician,....sometime i can meet some special customers, for example: builder or nurse.

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