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World war 2 and tears

Jul 05, 2020

World war 2 is the biggest war in the world, 5 châu lục has involved, a military of thousands man with or without beards, they are also a beginner or even senior, they all are on the battle field. They feel panic, nervous or apprehensive. They have to move forward, everybody are serious about what they are doing, because there have to fight to protect their home land, their families, their behavior of a free man. 

At the war, millions of adults was down because of some selfish commands, somebody gets anger, another get upset. Some stubborn people feel nothing, the only one thing that they did is counting dead body. They thought, that’s the price to trade off for freedom. But some wise men in the councils proposed better moves for them already, they aren’t sensible for recognizing. The war was end with an anxiety for the next generation. 

40 years after the war, personel has more sense, they got a lot of wisdoms from the history, they now focused on creating adorable things, reliable relationships, good perfumes. Conservative actions are not always bad, the old man always has some witty to say. They follow spirit and got vivid imagination. 

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