SunnyLv 0Jan 18

Senility is a problem I worry about every now and then. I don’t mind getting old. I even don’t mind if old age means I can’t be so active. The thing I worry about is losing my mind. I don’t want to become senile. If I’m senile, I won’t be me any more. I won’t recognize my family and friends and I might even forget who I am. The worst thing about senility is that other people have to look after you. If you are senile, maybe you can’t even feed yourself. There are many diseases that lead to senility. Doctors should do more research on the brain so we can slow down senility. Perhaps the best-known disease is Alzheimer’s. Luckily, there seems to be a lot of good research into this terrible condition.

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look after sb/sth
chăm sóc

o take care of or be in charge of something

khủng khiếp

very unpleasant or serious or of low quality

loose your mind
mất trí

to become mentally ill, or to start behaving in a silly or strange way

lão suy

the condition of being senile